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We're two brothers who create video games and teach others how to do the same over on Youtube and Udemy ! We're really passionate in sharing our knowledge and game creation journey with other aspiring game developers. So whether you're looking for inspiration or tutorials on game art, animation, design or programming we've got you covered !

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The Dreadful

A handcrafted adventure about overcoming fear and doubt. Will you defeat your inner demons or be crippled with regret?

The Dreadful Whispers is Blackthornprod's first commercial title | $9.99

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Dashing Fire

Dashing Fire is a fast-paced, challenging roguelike!
Every area is randomly generated, filled to the brim with unique tiny planets riddled with juicy creatures of all shapes and sizes! | $6.99

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Olobollo is an action packed deathmatch experience, a mix of one man team football and magic! Experience precise, skill based matches in squishy arenas, trying to shoot their wobbly opponents and score goals, with the aim to be the last Olobollo standing! | $4.99

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Over 280 game development videos on YouTube.

We have a YouTube channel focused on game creation !
You'll find tutorials on how to make games using unity, from art and animation to programming and design as well as behind the scene videos where we show you how we make our own games !

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We have taught thousands of people how to make games with our Udemy courses.

Create a top down shooter game with Unity and C#

Learn how to create a fun action game, from coding enemy AI, boss battles and a wave spawner to making polished game art, animations and UI !

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The Ultimate Guide To Making a 2D Strategy Game In Unity

Learn how to create a fun 2D turn-based strategy game using Unity and the c# programming language!

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How to Make a 2D Platformer with Unity & C#

Learn how to create a 2D platformer game full of unique enemies, weapons and environments using Unity and the c# programming language!

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Beginner's Guide To Multiplayer Game Development in Unity

Learn how to create an entire multiplayer game with Unity and Photon 2 that you can with your friends and family even if they live on the other side of the planer!

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Make your first game with Unity and C# : Beginner course

Learn the fundamentals of C# programming, and the basics of Unity, game art and animation by creating a simple but fun reflex game from A to Z !

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We have created over 50+ free games.

If you're in need for some inspiration or just want to have some fun and experience new things, why don't you try a few of our free web games ?

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